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The following is a list of our partners and their 2017 Allocations;


Catholic Charities:  Child and Family Development Program casework is offered to parenting youth and young adults in the area.  Through this program, young parents are counseled and taught to cope with their increased responsibilities of parenting as well as their own personal growth and development.   $10,000

 Catholic Charities: The Community Assistance Program addresses short-term basic needs by providing food (from an on-site pantry), personal hygiene items, diapers, and occasional transportation costs.  The client-choice pantry allows a household member to select food from 3 basic food groups to equal 3 meals per person for 3 days.  Households are also given extra food items and donated bread and bake goods as available.  Clients in need of longer term assistance are referred by staff to other agencies or appropriate service providers. https://www.catholiccharitiesom.org/  $10,000


Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc.:  The Individuals, Couples, and Family Counseling Program provides best practices, research-based professional counseling services provided by Master’s level counselors or Master’s level graduate students to primarily low income couples and families at little or no cost.  $10,000

 Center for Family Life and Recovery, Inc.:  Community Violence Reduction Program addresses the community need for healthy lifestyles through the reduction of youth and domestic violence, and other forms of aggression and abuse.  http://www.whenthereshelpthereshope.com  $10,000


Cluster 13: Helps hundreds of families maintain their homes so they would be safe, warm and dry.  They can then stay in their own homes instead of being displaced by old age, disability or major economic problems.  We travel to people’s home within the radius of 12 miles of Camden to provide home repairs.  http://www.cluster13ministries.org  $10,000


 Fibonacci Foundation:  The ultimate goal is to promote the next generation of young scholars and productive citizens through immersive learning in the sciences, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.  It will provide scholarships to the S.T.E.A.M Conference for students from Rome and Western Oneida County who would otherwise be unable to afford attending.  http://www.projectfibonacci.org  $10,000


 Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York:  Emergency Legal Safety Net program ensures that clients obtain basic necessities of life in a crisis, such as helping individuals who have no food, are on the brink of homelessness, or are at risk from bodily harm or even death from domestic violence.  $10,000  http://www.lasmny.org/offices/Utica.shtm


Oneida County Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter also known as “The Journey Home” is the area’s first age appropriate shelter for runaway and homeless youth in Oneida County, New York State. The residence will provide temporary shelter for up to 21 days for youth under 18 years of age. The goal of the program will be to assist runaway and homeless youth in crisis, reunite them with their families, whenever possible, strengthen family relations and help transition them to safe and stable living arrangements. Upon entry into the Journey Home youth will receive a change of clothes, a shower, along with hygiene products, fresh linens and towels, food and if needed a taxi will be provided to get them to the shelterThe program operates out of the former St. Mary’s Rectory located at 210 West Liberty Street Rome, NY 13440.   http://www.mvcaa.com  $10,000


Rome Rescue Mission:  Scholarship opportunities in the STEM program provides at-risk 9-12 grade students with training, education and support to explore the world of STEM using hands-on and classroom instruction. The program targets students at or below the poverty level in the city of Rome and provides them with the means to develop confidence and skills to have a successful career in the technology field.  http://romemission.org   $5,000


Senior Citizens Council: Adult Day Care Program is a NYS Department of Health approved social adult day care program.  This service provides seniors with physical and cognitive challenges with a safe and stimulating atmosphere with the outcome of maintaining independence and overall positive well being of some of our most fragile citizens.   $10,000

Senior Citizens Council:  Ava Dorfman Wellness and Fitness Program provides a variety of exercise classes, health information and cardiovascular exercise equipment to promote health and wellness tailored for seniors. We provide a wellness orientation and health screening to ensure activities are appropriate for the individual. $10,000

 Senior Citizens Council: Senior Center provide the first line of defense against loneliness and isolation for elderly and retired citizens both of which are pervasive conditions faced by older Americans.  Research through the National Council on Aging has shown that senior center participants have higher level of health, social interaction and life satisfaction.  http://avadorfmanseniorcenter.com   $10,000



Salvation Army Youth Enrichment Services:  Provides social development activities available to persons of all ages, with a primary emphasis upon youth between the ages of 6 to 17 which is at high risk.  This program is seeking funding for development asset and character building programs needed in the area of Rome with high rates of poverty, teen pregnancy and crime.  $10,000

 Salvation Army Financial Assistance: Short-term assistance and counseling is provided to clients to help with monthly and seasonal expenses, material assistance to households who have exhausted other resources or have the absence of other resources.  http://www.salvationarmyusa.org  $10,000



YMCA: Before and After School Program is committed to developing and operating the highest quality child care program.  We seek to provide child care that supports and strengthens families and nurtures the healthy successful growth and development of each child involved.  $5,000

 YMCA: Camp Crooked Arrow is the Rome Family YMCA’s summer day camp program.  Children ages 4-17 participate, and reside in the Rome and surrounding geographic area.  The camp session dates are June 26, 2017- August 25,2017.  http://www.ymcatrivalley.org   $5,000



YWCA Mohawk Valley: YWCA Domestic and Sexual Violence Non-Residential Crisis Services program provides 24 hour crisis intervention to victims and secondary victims of domestic and sexual violence.   Services include a 24-hour hotline, advocacy and accompaniment through medical, police, and court proceedings, counseling, support groups, and mandated DV101 education classes throughout Oneida County.  http://ywcamv.org/  $5,000